August 2014

Date for review:
August 2015


Gerard Blanche

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Self-Care: Some Prescriptions for Calm Living


Ever felt stressed? Or, in contemporary parlance, stressed-out? While this article is basically about stress or, more accurately, stress-management, you’ll notice that I’ve kept stress out of the title. This is because I want you to focus on what you can do about stress and stressors in your life, rather than on abstract concepts of stress. Hence the article is a bit prescriptive but, I hope, practical in the suggestions, reflections and exercises I outline. These come from lived experience, both personal and professional, during my years as teacher, guidance counsellor, and psychologist. I adorn the general content of my stall with observations from historical figures, and with relevant citations from academic research. Those who work in the broad fields of education, counselling, and psychology constitute the audience I know best, and from whom I’ve learnt most. What I set out here reflects, I hope, some of that learning and its practical applications. If readers from other fields dip in and find it useful, well that’s a bonus.